a new direction…

maybe this is it?

yeah, this is it.

i’m going to start a blog.  i’m going to document all of the moments i wish i could share with everyone.  like the time i was at walmart buying bamboo roman shades, and they were $5 each.  FIVE DOLLARS, PEOPLE.  when i called my parents and my dad answered and was less than pleased that i interrupted COPS, and i called my husband and he was enthused, but it wasn’t enough for me.  i need to broadcast this.

that’s what this is all about.

i need to broadcast the greatest moments of my life, and hopefully this will turn into something that will be life changing.

let’s hope?

10 things you should know before we move on:

1. my husband, survivorman, and i have been married since 10.13.07

oh wedded bliss

2. survivorman is, well, kinda into the outdoors


3. me, i like civilization.  i can adapt to nature – but it’s always somewhat of a joke, until someone gets dirty.

civilization, please.

4. we live in minnesota, i can’t imagine life anywhere else

5. we have an ellie dog.  she’s a mutt.  she loses her mind when we go on a car ride and another dogs walks by.  we’re working on it.


6. we live in a pink house on a quiet little street in the burbs.  it’s a work in progress, won’t you follow along?

new house

7. i have a sit down office job and for the most part it’s good.  but to be honest, i would rather be cleaning, or decorating, or spray painting something.

8. i can and will spraypaint anything.  and why not?  well, survivorman likes to joke with people about my love of spraypaint.  that is until he discovered camo spray paint.  we’re a spraypaint family now.

9. someday we hope to start a family of our own, for the right reasons.  not because i’ve wanted to buy baby clothes since the 3rd grade, and every time we go to the moneypit target i have to walk through the aisle with the crib sheets.  it’ll be for the right reasons, absolutely.

10. i take pictures, of everything.  my trademark shot is to photograph our feet wherever we go.  sometimes at a landmark location, or sometimes just for the thrill of being a wife-arazzi.  every once in a while i can get survivorman to smile for me.

trademark shot

before we got married, i left a note for survivorman that said “one day the door to your bedroom will be the door to mine…” and every day i whisper to myself that i am the luckiest for now we do share a door, and the best moments of our lives are unfolding before our very eyes and we both can’t even imagine what the rest of life will have to offer.

my hope is that i can document those moments here so they will always be in our memories.  oh yeah, and i can make sure that when roman shades are $5 again at walmart — or something similarly monumental — i have someone out there who can be equally as thrilled…

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2 Responses to a new direction…

  1. Brooke says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Super huge loud CONGRATS to you. Follow your heart and your dreams always.

  2. Tracy says:

    Alison – you’re amazing!! Can’t wait to follow your blog…

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