B&A Day!

since i usually spend the weekends spray painting, stipping, recovering, or something like that, i decided to make monday’s the before and after day!

i’m going to show you a few befores today, and hopefully later this week a few more afters!


the first before:

i found this bench a few weeks ago at an estate sale for $4.  i loved the basket weave-ish detail on the top and it was overall in fairly good condition.  i did end up sanding it down, and using survivorman’s air compressor to give it a good airing off before it was time for paint.  i chose this paprika color from RustOleum.  it matches my red cabinet almost perfectly which was amazing as i also got that already painted the “paprika” color from an estate sale a year or so ago!

White Dingy Bench Before

Price $4

Color to be: Paprika

Half painted

the second before:

i thrifted, aka took it off the boulevard, this vintage metal rocking yard chair a few weeks ago as well.  this though was in a lot worse shape, and needed to be completely stripped down to the bare metal.  enter survivorman.  he graciously spent a few hours stripping the chair and sanding it down with a wire sander.  i think it looks a lot like this chair online.  i haven’t chosen a color for the paint, but i’m thinking of something lively for our patio, maybe eggplant or yellow!

Vintage Metal Rocking Chair

Back of metal rocking chair

Paint Remover

Closeup of paint

scraping away

stay tuned for the exciting afters coming later this week.  (hopefully!)

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