Don’t be worried, I’m still here.

Well, by now you’ve all probably lost the link to my blog, or thought that it was a dream, or maybe thought that you heard that I was going to write on a blog, but it’s been so long, so it must have just been a rumor.  Or something.

Seriously though, I’m still here.  Here’s a little update about what’s been going on lately:

I went to Philadelphia for work.  Last year, I got to take Survivorman to Disneyworld with me to the same conference.  It was like Britney Spears in a wig shop.  It was pretty awesome.

This year, like I said – just me, all alone, in Philadelphia.  If you know my dad, you can hear him saying this to me:  “I told you it was ‘Filty-delphia’ didn’t I?”  I should have brought hand sanitizer and a blindfold.  It was definitly NOT Disneyworld, and I can say truthfully that the whole time I was there I was comparing it to where we were a year before.

Aside from the “Filth” there really are a lot of awesome historic things to see in Philly.  I had my first Cheesesteak – with Velveeta, if you care.

I saw the Betsy Ross House – didn’t know who she was until I got there, so I guess you could say I learned something new…

While there I batted my eyes, with Survivorman’s permission, at the local Firefighters, to obtain some Philly Firefighters T-shirts for the men in our family.  It was a success.

I saw a man, with no arms, no shirt, and Daisy Duke shorts shake a plastic college house party cup resting between his toes at me.  Excuse the blurry picture – I was a little worried he’d grab me or my purse.  Wait, that was rude.

Saw the typical sights, enjoyed the architechture and all the history.  Just not the armless guy and smelly steam rising from everywhere.

But at the end of nearly 6 days away, I was ready to get back to this just in time for Halloween:

And in case the little goblins forgot why they were banging on our door, and then standing there silently terrified as the pirate greeted them with fangs-a-glowing…

Trick – Or – Treat.  SAY IT.  Is that a new thing, that kids don’t actually say it.  They just stand there like, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers…”  So then I say it, and afterwards it’s like, wait…why did I say it?  I am terribly awkward in some settings, and with kids sometimes I say things and they are probably making comments in their heads as they turn and run away.

SO other than the Halloween decorating…

I painted our “master” bedroom, installed a new light fixture, then installed a new faucet in the kitchen (after Survivorman broke the old one…)

I will be sharing all that with you SOONer rather than LATER.

Come back for more – I promise there will be more.

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3 Responses to Don’t be worried, I’m still here.

  1. Caroline says:

    How the heck did you NOT KNOW who Betsy Ross was until you went to Philly? What kind of school did you go to?

    • Alison Chandler says:

      Yeah, it’s very shameful. I probably should have never graduated high school . . .

      • Caroline says:

        At least you form pretty good sentences, unlike some college graduates I know. So I’ll let it pass…but you may expect some children’s history books under your tree this year.

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