Before and After

Our house doesn’t really have a master bedroom.  The “Roseville Rambler” which I like to call our Bungalo, because I hate that stigma of the Roseville Rambler, which basically is what all the houses in our town look like.  Just flip-flopped.

Anyways, we have a larger bedroom, which we use as our master bedroom!

This is what it looked like before before – as in before we bought it!

Remember that god awful carpet, and the teal mini-blinds?  Well I do.  Trust me, it was awesome.

And this is after we moved in, while we were “living with it” and making do

Not so bad, but still that aqua color was just a real mood killer…maybe just for me, but still!

Here is the after!

A MUCH more relaxing – warm room!

What did I do?

Painted Ceiling& Walls:  Ceiling – Sherwin Williams “Pure White”, Walls – Sherwin Williams “Whole Wheat”, supplies = $83

New bedding – Coverlet from Ikea, White Duvet from Ikea = $70

Throw pillows – handmade by me with fabric leftover from another project

Lamps – Ikea, we have had these for a few years

Art – Poster Sale at the U of MN, frame is from Ikea (but got it at an estate sale)= $19

Blinds – Ikea, again = $90

Nightstands – Free, thrifted  and repainted black, with new knobs from Anthropologie = $14

Chandelier – Ikea, thanks to my fab husband for putting that in, and putting up with a girly light fixuture!  He also added a new dimmer switch so that we can really set the mood. = $52

For a grand total of …. $328!  Not bad for a complete redo!

What would we do without Ikea?

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