New Year – New Ideas!

Happy New Year, everyone!  What a whirlwind few weeks it seems to have been.  I remember coming back from Philadelphia – there was no snow, I painted our dining room table, made a wreath out of a torn up book (sorry!), decorated our Christmas Tree, opened some gifts and POOF!  It’s 2010.

My goal for 2010 is to blog at least 4x per week…Trust me, I’ve got PLENTY to say, so it shouldn’t be hard!  Though I’m also finding it difficult to draw a line on what I should post to the blog and what I should keep to myself.  I’ve decided that Sprucing – like me, should just say whatever.  Like the time I was talking to the neighbor of Andy’s parents and I made an off the wall comment about their ancient dog having what I referred to as a “dingleberry” only to find out it was a tumor.  Very nice.  Anyways, get ready for that here.  I’m not going to hold back.

Another goal for 2010 is to open up my Etsy shop – Precisely Chartreuse is the name I’m thinking about.  I’m trying to actually finish projects that I start, so for now, it might be items that I refinish (think desks, chairs, cabinets, etc…).  Our garage is full and as of right now I own 2 VW Jettas….so something needs to happen so Mister Ford Ranger can get a spot next to one of his black beauties/Jettas.

So, with that, I’m going to leave you with a few of my latest personal inspirations:

1) Lonny Magazine – Similar to Domino Magazine (which I miss terribly!) but only online — fun way to blow some time at work, and if anyone can give advice on that, it’s certainly not me.

2) Little Green Notebook – My absolute most favorite blot to read’s tutorial on making blinds.  Which will help me solve my guest bedroom design dilemma – the strange double windows in the corner = the bane of my existence.

Any ideas on curtains for that wonky little set of windows, please let me know 🙂


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