It started with a desk…

For Christmas, if you’ll recall, I had indicated that a West Elm Parson’s desk was top on the list of must haves for the season.  Well – seeing as it retails for close to $300 bucks – I figured I might as well get used to loving my side of the road find that I’m currently using as a desk.

Well, a few weeks before Christmas I came home to a little “pre-Christmas” gift wrapped up under the tree.  When I opened it, it was a drawer…

Apparently Survivorman is also a Carpenter.  A carpenter that can’t hide his work.

My desk is almost done – just needs a coat of white paint and gloss poly.   But obviously I can’t just stop at that.  Remember what my office looks like now?

Below is my inspiration board for this room:

The current paint color will work with the whole scheme I think – it’s Whole Wheat from Sherwin Williams.

The long white sheer curtains, Vivian (Ikea) are already up – and those will definitely stay!  I love how they puddle on the floor and let tons of light in! And they were SUPER cheap, so that always helps.

The Capiz Shell Chandelier was a steal at World Market a few months ago, so I’m keeping that for sure!

The only new additions to the room will be my new white Parson’s desk – a total knock off of West Elm.  And if you are handy, or have a Carpenter Husband, this will help you immensely.  Gotta love Knock Off Wood.

The Moorish Rug from Pottery Barn in Goldenrod is from a few seasons ago, but I have seen them on Ebay for about $129…so that is my plan for scoring that beauty.

HomeGoods has been selling aweeeeeeeesome lamps lately – a little pricey ($49) but the turquoise gourd lamp from Horchow is my inspiration, and I’m sure I can find a look alike somewhere in a bold color that accents the absolutly amazing $169 (seriously, people?!) slipper chair from Pier One.  Don’t tell Andy, but there is one on hold for me right now at Pier One.  I wonder if it will fit in the Jetta?

Finally, I’d love to replace my old wood desk chair with this Chocolate Parsons Chair from Target – but the cost is a little much, so I might just have to wait on that.

So what do you think?  Should I go for it?!  The best part is, Andy started it.



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