I’d love me some…


Argh!  I suck at choosing art for the walls.  However, I generally lean towards photographs taken, enlarged, and framed…

Sometimes I take the pictures, or Survivorman does, but this time, I discovered stock photos.  They’re so much nicer looking.  I don’t know why I have such a complex about seeing something I paint or that I’ve photographed up in a frame on my wall…but either way – here are a few that I’m dying to frame and hang up in my office, or lean on a shelf with a giant chunky frame.

I got the idea for this print from another favorite blog Making It Lovely.  I LOVE this one, so I ordered it in 11X14 from Shutterfly for $7.99 plus free shipping (coupon code SHIP4FREE).

I read the blog post about the Umbrella’s and decided I’d check out some stock photos and see what I could find…
So I downloaded these images for free and edited them using Picnik, which OMG, is SO much fun.  You have to try it, it’s like Photoshop for free!  But way easier!  I might also enlarge and frame them for the new office – if I like the way the Umbrella’s look!

(obviously not a stock photo)

So what do you think!?  Instant art?  I think so!


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4 Responses to I’d love me some…

  1. Caroline says:

    This is a great idea. I grabbed a few photos from a friend’s photo blog (she’s living in Manila for a few years and has some gorgeous stuff) to hang 4×6 in our bedroom, but I’ve been on the hunt for something I get really big for our living room. I want 3 poster-sized images and searching stock photos could be the way to go. I’ve also loved perusing art.com, from one of your previous posts, and found a few things I’m going to buy for baby’s room…just waiting to see if it’s the girly ones or the boyish set that need to head our way!

  2. Alison Chandler says:

    I am really curious about what you plan to buy for the baby’s room….I want to come over and see how cute it is!

  3. marinfamily says:

    You should look at my curtains on the Target registry. They are so adorable, I’m probably going to end up buying them immediately.

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