Embracing the 1940′s

We bought our house from an old lady named Ruth.  Ruth and her husband like to paint.  In fact, it would appear as if they painted on a regular basis.  And each time they painted, they just rolled right over everything, outlets, vents, light switches, you name it.  So imagine the excitement on my face when you start noticing the sea foam green paint chipping through the white trim in our bathroom, or the scratch on the vent showing hot pink below it.

The truth is I hated our bathroom.  I was hoping that we could just gut it and make it clean and new.  Well, no thanks to the Rolling Stones – but you can’t always get what you want.  Tough pill to swallow.

Flash back to Saturday morning, me standing in the bathroom with a disgusted look on my face giving the sea foam green tiles the stink eye.  Then and spark lit inside me and I decided I was going to paint the bathroom.  Right then and there.  I rushed to get myself ready – out the door and to Sherwin Williams.

It’s funny, really, how quickly a room can be transformed just by painting it – something not blue!  I chose “universal khaki” in an effort to tone down the sea foam.  I think it worked.

We’re sticking with the old tiles – and embracing it, if you will.  We did update all the towel bars, got one of those fancy curved hotel shower curtains, some new art, and a glass shelf!  voila!

I have been carefully moving the Pyrex “Bandages” jar around for the last 5 years waiting for the right opportunity to display it.  I bought it at the Ax Man shop on University a while ago for $1.  I should have bought more.  Idiot.  The milk glass vase came from the St. Vincent de Paul”s vintage store in St. Paul for $1 and the little blue jar is from HomeGoods.  I’m really excited about the glass shelf from Ikea – the green glass edge reminds me of the Recycled Glass soap pump from Target that’s on the sink!

I even painted the laundry chute and it’s door and picked out some adorable chartreuse yellow knobs from Anthropologie – on clearance no less, for $2.95.  The cabinet for the vanity/sink also got painted khaki with two new knobs!

So that’s it!  About $200 and it’s a whole new room.  Embracing the sea foam tile.


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2 Responses to Embracing the 1940′s

  1. marinfamily says:

    I actually think the tiles look gorgeous with the way you’ve decorated. It looks like you put them in there after years of waiting for the right ones to come along. We need to redo our bathroom…you should help me figure out what to do.

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