Calling all ‘Green Thumbs’

I need some help.  I’m not a gardener.  I’m missing that instinctual gardening feeling.

I don’t even know where to start.  I should say though, that I did plant about 20 hostas last year as a border along the front of this dirt patch we call our landscaping.

It’s really atrocious, and I’m embarassed.  Not only because our poor house is a dingy-salmony pink color, but because last year, I hired my father to violently rip every living bit of green out of our front yard because it was overgrown.

This is what I am left with after all that:

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some curb appeal?  I think our house has enormous potential, but right now, the project seems so overwhelming that I can’t even focus on where to begin.

Funny – we did save out this one snaggly bush on the side of the house, I thought it might look “too empty” without it.  I’m laughing about this now:

So – I’m taking any advice I can get at this point.  I’m thinking something tall might be good to anchor the sides…but I really have NO clue!



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2 Responses to Calling all ‘Green Thumbs’

  1. Carrie says:

    A nice flowering patio tree in the corner and maybe put some curves in the landscaping. Century college always has a plant sale that I believe starts the end of April or beginning of May. Plants are always cheaper. I took a few horticulture classes there and some good advice I got was to drive around a more expensive neighborhood to get ideas on what they do. Good Luck!

  2. marinfamily says:

    I agree…driving around or taking a walk in expensive neighborhoods can give you some good ideas on using your space. But if you want to start, it might be a good idea to get another bush-type thing near the steps, taller greens (like ferns or something) for the back, and to get smaller from there. Putting some good filler in the front is a good idea…and you can get flowers that will look really sad and lonely when you plant them, but will totally fill out and give your garden a good feel. I make my mother come with me when I buy the pathetic amount of plants I buy, because she actually knows what stuff does. Want to come with next time we go?

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