lets talk about curb appeal

Let’s cut the crapola.  Our house has very little curb appeal.  But don’t worry, I spent the entire winter sprucing up the inside of the house so that as soon as the grass turned green I could devote my entire summer to our poor little house’s curb appeal.

Before we moved in there were monster bushes and awnings covering up the whole front of the house.  Luckily we were able to remove those without damaging the exterior of the house too much, leaving a “blank slate” to work with…

Isn’t it always true that you almost have to make it worse before you can make it better?  Well – make it worse was exactly what we did…

Nothing but really dusty dirt remained.  Luckily last fall I planted some hostas in the front and eagerly anticipated their growth this spring!    Much to my amazement they DID grow, and multiplied!  I honestly was pretty pumped!

It’s been raining here in Minnesota off and on for a few weeks, so I haven’t been able to get outside and get going on the front yard…but with that rain brought WEEDS…and LOTS of them to our poor front yard.  So bright and early Sunday morning, I headed outside with my gardening clogs and my Liberty of London gardening gloves (if you’re going to do it, why not look cute?!) and really got to know my front garden.

After HOURS of tilling and raking and weeding, and 12 bags of mulch later, I unveil — the not-quite-done-but-way-better FRONT GARDEN!

The bricks will eventually be replaced by actual pavers, but Ruth and Warren used old bricks to make an annoying little garden in the middle of the front yard that we will be transplanting to various other gardens in the yard.  The first step in moving that was uprooting – and boy were they in there – all those bricks that were shoved in the dirt half way making a lovely border.  Nothing like using what you’ve got until you can bite the bullet and take yet another trip to Home Depot to buy pavers…

Next up for us is to remove that little garden with the iris’ (after they bloom), figure out a way to hide the ugly gas meter and try to paint all the Red Wood on the house and garage.  I’m taking suggestions on paint colors…anything to subdue the pink, and make our house look more like a bungalow.  As for landscaping,  my Mom and I found some Spirea bushes on the north side of our house that are getting pretty cozy with some Snow on the Mountain.  So we’re going to try and transplant those to the front corner of the house by the downspout.  I’d also like to get some tall evergreens for the pink open space between the front window and our bedroom window…so that’s that!

We’re also planning to get some new light fixtures for the front, maybe one on each side of the door, and a matching pair for the garage.  Andy offered to get the ball rolling on those, so hopefully that’ll shine things up out front!  Also on the to do list are some new house numbers, maybe like these from Restoration Hardware:


And there is something super cozy about these lights:


So stay tuned for the summer long transformation!  We’re getting central air on Thursday and trust me, we’re all jumping for joy that we won’t have another eye sore to add to the curb appeal.  Nothing says welcome home like a dripping window air conditioner hanging out of your front window…

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