Pillow talk!

What do you think of Kohl’s?  I’ve never really been in a love-love relationship with Kohl’s.  Once a year or so, I decide they certainly must have something there that I must absolutely have.  It seems like I always see other people wearing something fashionable and after complimenting them, they exclaim they “got it at Kohl’s!”

Is there something wrong with me?!  Why can’t I shop at Kohl’s??  It’s like I walk in the doors and I’m so massively overwhelmed by all the different sections to shop in that I immediately start shutting down and want to leave, frustrated that once again, I tried to find something at Kohl’s.

But then – I stumble over to the bedding department and what do I see…

BE STILL.  My heart.

Seriously?!  This is the CUTEST pillow I have seen.  Ever.  And it’s at Kohl’s.  Oh, wait.

Ok, $49.99?  I thought the whole premise of Kohl’s was “save more than you spend!!”  I really can’t imagine spending $100 on pillows, from anywhere, so I set it down and walk away.

Flash forward to Friday night.

There it is.  There’s that reason why everyone loves Kohl’s.  And the pair of them are coming home with me to live happily ever after on my $5 green zebra chairs.  (Which by the way, made their superstar debut on Young House Love a few months ago…)

Wait – while we’re on the topic of pillows, aren’t these adorable?

Thanks Dwell for Target.  They’re the best because one side has frilly rosettes and the other has an amazing bold print!


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One Response to Pillow talk!

  1. Doug says:

    Like any retail store, you have to watch for the good deals. Kohls has a practice of highly infalting their “regular” price and their “sale” price ends up being the regular price found at competing stores. Case in point: The Bissell Pro-Heat Little Green Cleaning Machine is regularly $129 at Kohls. It’s on sale for $99. Well, the same Bissell can be had for $99 anytime at Target.
    Still, if you watch for actual good deals, Kohls has some very good ones. I just picked up a few Hanes printed t-shirts for less than $4 each. Not bad at all.

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