Summer Lovin!

Look familiar?  This was our kitchen a few weeks ago.  Remember how I spent basically all of Summer ’09 painting those kitchen cabinets?  Notice how the backsplash and the counters are still in disarray?  Well maybe you can’t see that the backsplash is in disarray, but it literally has a coat of primer on top of this very lovely layer of laminate backsplash adhesive.  And that space between the window and the sink – yeah, that area was apparently too much for me to prime, so we left it.  It was our accent wall.  Ok, really though, it was gross.  And it’s ridiculous that we didn’t just do the countertops and backsplash last year.

Ok – so rewind to two weeks ago… (poor husband is always under the sink in these pictures…)

A few minutes later we took the sink out and realized that Ikea was about to save our day…Luckily we only had two cabinets we needed to replace to complete the bottom half of our kitchen, so we purchased a new corner cabinet and a cabinet for the sink.  All in all – I think the grand total was around $400 for new base cabinets.  This is the “before” shot, I love that Ruth at one point had her kitchen painted Pepto Pink.   Though I suppose in 20 years when some first timers move in and rip out what we’ve done, and find the “split pea” color, they’ll be giggling and posting on their blogs about “how Old Lady Chandler had her kitchen painted the most hideous shade of green…”  Whatevs.

The after pictures will be posted tomorrow.  We are ALL done with the cabinets, counters, and backsplash, and it looks AMAZING!

But now, for a real before and after, that actually made me say “OMG” outloud.

Welcome to my walk in closet, internet.  I’m not embarrassed, I know youwon’t judge.  We all have our piled high and deep closets somewhere in our houses, right?  So, now that we’ve literally painted every surface on the main floor of our house, I can actually start having some fun decorating because it’s not a necessity.  Ok, addressing this closet might have been a necessity, but I was just in it for fun.  The best part about redoing a closet is that 99% of the time, it’s just for me.  It’s like wearing fancy underwear, you know it’s there, but the rest of the world doesn’t see it, unless you tuck your skirt into your underwear and prance back to you cube at work, thinking in your head along the way how hot you probably look in your sexy underpants.

This was ALL for me.  I wanted a functional yet pretty dressing room.

Doesn’t this just scream pretty and fun?

Alright, everthing out.

I painted the whole closet.  Twice.  The first time I tried Glidden’s Celery Sticks.  BAD.  Idea.  REALLY bad.   I then came to my senses and repainted it the same Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat color that the rest of the room is.  Much better.  I found a small 3-drawer pine dresser (repainted white) at an Estate Sale for $12, purchased new closet rods for $11, added a shelf for some purses, found an antique spool for $4 at an Antique Store in Stillwater, and voila, my new Roseville Dream Closet.  Because really, this is about as good as it gets in Roseville, MN.

Once everything is put away, I’ll get some pictures of the room in its entirety posted, it really is fun.  I’ve made it my dressing room and it’s really the best treat a girl can have!



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