Kitchen (as promised!)

So here it is!  We replaced our base cabinets with the standard white Ikea cabinets and the Oak Butcher Block Countertop (LOVE!).  We then tiled the backsplash with 23 cent Subway Tiles from Home Depot.  We can’t wait to rip out the top cupboards and replace them with Ikea cabinets.  We recommend them 100%!  Still struggling with the butcher block counter to get it oiled to a point where water rings don’t soak into it, but we’ll get there!  Any advice?

I’m also in the process of updating our dining room chairs.  My Aunt’s neighbor was downsizing (Lake Minnetonka-Style…if you know what I mean), and these 4 Pottery Barn Windsor Back chairs were taking up too much room.  Obviously my family knows I’ll take anything for free, so they were delivered that next week!  I’m painting them all black, but in an effort to not look like a huffer, I’m taking my time painting them.  I’m sure the neighbors get sick of constantly getting spray paint wafting into their homes.

We’re also teetering on the edge of wanting to rip the wall out between the kitchen and dining room…see the one there with that mirror…?  Yeah, that might be gone soon.

And while I’ve got you here, dear friends, take a look at this awesome faux bamboo sofa table I snagged for $40 at Pier One!  They had just uncovered it in their back room while doing inventory, it was like a year old so it was marked down about 80%!  SCORE!

So there you go!  A little update of where we are with the house!



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3 Responses to Kitchen (as promised!)

  1. Doug says:

    Looks very nice!

  2. Liz says:

    OH! LOVE it! Love it all! I’m definately tweeting about this link today!

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