A hairy mess.

We love this dog to pieces.  She sleeps wedged in between us at night, and we both wake up sore and cranky.  There’s no way we can say no.  Some nights we try to boot her off the bed so we can actually enjoy the coziness of blankets, but usually she just jumps right back up, slams down, and lets out a giant sigh.

So we live with it. However…

I’m pretty anal when it comes to my bed being clean.  I’m sure Mr. Chandler would say the same thing about me.  I can’t get into bed without the sheets being perfect.  So to wake up in the morning to gobs of dog hair (and sometimes other special surprises — I won’t go into details…) makes me insane.

My solution…?  I vacuum.

The vacuum we have now is the big piece of junk.  It’s one of those bagless (which I love…I have to practically empty it every time I vacuum.) hardcore tornado chamber things.  Did I mention that it’s a piece of crap and I hate it?!  Not only does it make this awful vibrating noise because all the plastic pieces rattle around when it’s on – likely from the tornado, but it doesn’t work on our hardwood floors.  I’d say that 90% of our house is hardwood floors, and in order to actually clean, I have to use the hose attachment.  If I attempt to actually vacuum the hardwood floors, junk just shoots out of the back and makes even more of a mess.  Not to mention when I’m hunched over trying to cover an entire house with a hose about 2″ wide, the stupid thing loses balance and tips over jabbing me in the back with the handle.

Can you tell that we were NOT meant to be?

I’m breaking it off with Hoover.  I’m over it.  I ordered a Dyson.

A Dyson Animal.

This fella comes very highly recommended.  I have a good feeling about our new life together.  I absolutely cannot wait for our first date.  I’m sure we’ll be busy for hours together moving easily from rugs to floor, never leaving a single hair behind.

The best part?  It was a steal on Overstock.com.  Find yourself a $15 off coupon, and it’s even better.

I’ll let you know how things go in 5-10 business days.


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