Lampshade Makeover!

Last summer I bought these lamps at Turn Style Consignment for $25 each.  I thought it was a steal, but I always thought they were a little harsh, I’m not really a black and white type of gal – so this weekend I decided they needed a little makeover…

I went to Joann Fabrics and was literally wandering around the fabric aisles muttering to myself, “where’s the cute stuff?!” and then I stumbled upon this beauty!

It was $9.99/yard – minus 30%…so really NOT bad at all!  I think I purchased 2 yards, being generous as I had not prepared for this one bit, as usual.  I figured that should cover two lampshades…

So here we go – these were my weapons of choice.  Pretty standard, keep an eye on that hot glue gun though, he’ll getcha.

It was REALLY a lot easier than I anticipated.  Most of the prep work was involved in cutting the fabric.  I measured the width of the lampshade, and it was almost 10″ wide.  So I cut the fabric about 9.5″ wide and was planning to put a band of ribbon around the top and bottom so you wouldn’t see the fabric.

Once I had the fabric cut and pressed, I basically just placed it over the lampshade, starting on one end and working my way around, spraying the underside of the fabric lightly with the fabric adhesive as I went.  Notice how I was about a 1/4″ short on each side…that was good!

Once I had the fabric on just right – I too the ribbon edging and started to glue that on so it covered the fabric and went just to the edge of the lampshade. When I got to the end of both the fabric and the ribbon, I folded it over making a sort of makeshift hem, and hot glued it closed.  It ended up working really well because it dries quite a bit faster than the fabric glue.

Now that the lampshades were done – I let them set a little while I spray painted the lamp bases.  The color is London Grey – it’s sort of a greyish brown.  I don’t have any photographic evidence of this step – but trust me (and our now London Grey asphalt driveway), they were painted!

I’m pretty pleased with the result – for about $12 I think I really spruced these up!


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One Response to Lampshade Makeover!

  1. Heather says:

    I am so glad to find this post … I’m needing to spruce up a lamp I just bought. Everyone suggested to me to makeover a thrift store lampshade … I think I will try it now that I have seen this – thanks!!

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