Khaki Band-aids

There’s a reason why our basement isn’t in our family photos.  It’s ugly.  Not like ugly, but like in-need-of-some-serious-help ugly.  First of all, it’s half way finished, painted over a zillion times (go figure), full of spiderwebs, dog hair (again, go figure), and boy stuff.

I tried so hard.  I really did.  But on any given day, this is what she looks like:

I lie – I cleaned it up a little, and so did Andy.  And no, that’s no way to treat the Dyson Animal, but it got some strings from our half-shredded area rug (thanks, Ellie) stuck around the spinny-thing and needed help.  So there it lies.

Anyways, a little rundown of what we’ve got.

1950’s tile – check.

Wood paneling – check.

Fluorescent lights – check.

Mismatched furniture – check.

Treadmill that hasn’t seen much action lately – check.

Wait.  Rewind.  What’s hiding behind that door?  You had to ask.

It’s our blaze orange crested gas stove.  I refuse to call it a fireplace.  It has a chain curtain and a crest.  That’s not a fireplace, at least not in my world.

So – to add to the lovely list above.

Blaze orange crested gas stove.  CHECK.

I think there may be some hope for this space.  I’m planning to have Andy remove that “hood” thing, and I’ll prime and paint it with Rust-Oleum High Heat grill paint.  I have a feeling this is probably the safest idea.

After seeing the transformation from wood paneling to lovely living space over at John & Sherry’s blog, I decided in about 2.2 seconds to paint the basement.  The only bummer is that the primer smells really bad, and everytime Ellie comes downstairs she starts barking and sneezing.  So I’m trying to do it in waves, but at least it’s a start.  I’m thinking about painting the walls Sherwin William’s Canvas Tan – and then painting the trim a crisp white.

So that’s what I’ve been working on lately, stay tuned for updates!


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