I might be back…

So – clearly, if you hadn’t noticed, ol’ Sprucing hasn’t seen the likes of me in the last few months.  Turns out I am not one of those lucky pregnant girls, who, breezes through the first trimester questioning if they are really pregnant!  Ha.  There’s definitely something in there.  Well, besides hearing Baby C’s heartbeat – the constant woozies and sporadic vomiting pretty much says it all.

We’re definitely very, very excited and blessed.  I’ll take another *gulp* 6 months of the woozies if it means we’ll have a perfect little addition come May 7th…

I may not be blogging if that’s the case – since my days generally end around 7pm, and lunch breaks are spent  curled up on a yoga mat in my office.  Let’s hope my second trimester is all butterflies and kittens!

To give you any indication of how “blah” I’ve been…Andy and I went to San Antonio for a work conference, and I personally took ZERO pictures, and we have one picture of the two of us sitting in the airport waiting for our return flight.  I look like someone ran over me with one of those baggage trains that zip around on the runways.

Though with the holiday’s coming – Christmas Music ON!…and hopefully the worst behind us, I’ll be here posting as much as I can!



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One Response to I might be back…

  1. Caroline says:

    I fell asleep EVERY.WHERE. my second trimester. Including while opening Christmas presents. So hopefully, if nothing else, you will get some rest. I am so excited about Baby C! Please don’t find what it is and then keep the name secret. I will not handle it well. Feel well, we are thinking about you!

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