No – not like the MTV Cribs when you snoop my fridge.

The BABY crib.

I’ve LOVED this crib for so long – it’s so old fashioned and simple!  It’s a Jenny Lind crib – and I’m excited to say that it was $249.00 on sale at JCPenny’s for $169.00 minus a 20% off coupon = $135.99 and free shipping!

Can’t beat that deal!  I’m still not sure if it comes with a mattress or not – I’m thinking no.  Which is fine, because I presume that is where the big bucks will be spent. Obviously we’ll have to boy this up a bit if come December we find out little Chandler is indeed a boy.  But either way, I think it’s a timeless crib that will get lots of use (boy or girl!).

Here she is!

Next topic — CLOTH DIAPERS!  We’re so excited!!!

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4 Responses to Cribs

  1. Caroline Marin says:

    Gorgeous crib. And gender is all in the bedding. And how you paint the room.

    Let me know if you want cloth diaper tips/directions/venting time. I’ve been there.

  2. Project Girl says:

    Allison! I just stumbled across your blog and have been having fun reading. I grew up in northern MN — family still in MN — and now I live in Dallas. Our writing styles seem similar… and our projects really have similarities! Anyway, a fun read. I just wanted to say, “hey!”
    Project Girl

    • Alison Chandler says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I need to update the blog a little more than I have been! I’ll definitely be checking out your stuff!

  3. Project Girl says:

    (Not sure that this came through on the comment:

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