Teenie B

You still there, friends?

Sorry, I was a little busy making this:

I’m going to take advantage of that excuse for a long time. Someone notices my new frupa belly – yeah, well I have a baby. 😉 Right?

Anyways, it would be impossible to try and fill you in on what I’ve been up to in the last year, but lets just say it was a LOT of being pregnant, a lot of nursery decorating, which I’ll update you on for sure, and a WHOLE lot of burp cloth makin’.

A few days into my new sweatshop business of making Miss Isabella burp cloths, I decided that I make a fantastic sweatshop employee and I frankly enjoy it more than most other things, besides my child, husband, dog, and home. So, I decided to channel my obsessive hobby into a new side job.

Thus began “Teenie B.”

A little history on the name? Yeah, that’s the nickname we’ve given our daughter. Poor thing is going to grow up thinking her name is Teenie Bikini. Not sure how it all began, but shortly after her birth, in a sleep deprived daze, I began referring to my sweet Isabella June as “Teenie Bikini.” She was just a little thing and for whatever reason it fit. Someday she will think I am the hippest Mom out there because I named my multi-million dollar business after her.

My etsy shop will be up and running soon, so please make sure to check back!


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