Bella’s changing table!

So if you’re like me, decorating a baby nursery sounds like the BEST project ever.  It totally is (because I’m still not done, and I’m sure it will always be changing.)

I’m not super conventional when it comes to furniture, I like a bargain, so most of our stuff is furniture I either a) found on the curb b) bought at an estate sale, or c) was given (my fave!).

A friend of mine offered me a vintage buffet a year or so before I got pregnant.  It sat patiently in the basement awaiting it’s glamorous make-over until one day a light bulb went off and I decided that this piece just HAD to be in the baby’s room.  Of course I don’t have a before picture – but trust me, the buffet was in pretty great shape to start, so that was a super plus.

After a lot of back and forth, I decided on a Martha Stewart paint color called “Araucana Teal.”  I liked that it was a little more gender neutral, but still way spunky and fun.  It turned out a lot cuter than I expected for sure.  I discovered that the trick to making it look not so crafty is to finish the furniture with an oil based wood stain after you paint it.  I used Minwax Oil Based Stain in Walnut.  Brush it on and wipe it off and it leaves behind a great weathered look.

The first step was sanding the whole piece, which luckily Andy did, since I was about 7 months pregnant and didn’t want to inhale any of the good stuff.  Then we primed all of the surfaces we wanted to paint.

After we primed it and let the whole thing dry, we Andy sanded again.

Now for the fun part!

(excuse the iPhone pictures)

As soon as the paint had dried, I distressed the heck out of the edges and anywhere that looked like it would have been really worn had it not been painted.  Then, I covered everything with the Minwax Stain and mopped it up with an old t-shirt.  Just be careful of your skin, I wore gloves after I realized it’s called stain for a reason.  Once the stain dried, I added some drawer pulls from Anthropologie and started accessorizing!

I would recommend not jumping the gun on decorating it up – since it was pretty tacky for a few days, but I am a glutton for instant gratification – so I had to get right to work.

Here is the changing table now, it is VERY functional and is the perfect height for a diaper change and kisses.  We have a Pottery Barn diaper changing pad on the top, which fits perfectly.  The cabinet doors currently house some bathtub toys that she’s still too little for, and other various baby needs (extra wipes, etc).  I will try to get some pictures of the drawers because they have really neat built in dividers (I assume for your silver?) that keep the diapers organized.

I generally hate pictures with the flash, but this gives a better idea of the color:

Of all the furniture in Bella’s room, this is seriously my most favorite, and I think that as she gets bigger, this will still be something that she can use for storage.  If not, then I will steal it and use it in our bedroom, because seriously – it’s SO fun.



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One Response to Bella’s changing table!

  1. Rachel Flanagan says:

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIECE!!! I adore the distressed look and the M.S. paint color is FANTASTIC! I am addicted to Anthropologie knobs too, but recently stopped in World Market (ours is still open in Bozeman). I found several of the knobs I purchased at A for half the price– Good work Alison, and I’m glad you’re back to posting!! Whats next?

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