Time away

I have a really great job.  But most days the thought of waking up at 5am, getting ready for work, and sitting in an office without windows all day seems wrong.  Lucky for Andy, his job allows him 4 days off in a row, and the time he gets to spend with Bella is priceless.  I’m so grateful he can do that, because most days, that’s all I want to do.

Yesterday, I had requested a vacation day so that I could go to Junk Bonanza.  As it turns out, I’m pretty good at finding my own junk *cheap*, so the idea of paying someone else to find the good stuff didn’t really work out for me in my head.  Instead we decided to take a break and head to Stillwater for a nice day in the beautiful weather.

It.  Was.  Perfect.

I hadn’t been to Stillwater for a year or so, and let me tell you – they have some super fun new stores.  My favorite being Mara Mi – you really should check it out.  It’s sort of like Paper Source meets Dick Blick meets Starbucks.  LOVE IT.  Also fun was Rose Mille, lots of chabby chic/anthropologie finds, including a whole room of vintage sewing supplies and fabric.

Lunch at the Freighthouse, a quick diaper change in the park, and a few hours browsing some antique stores.  A perfect Thursday, indeed. I’ll definitely be back there this fall!  It’s so great to see such hipster places to shop in Stillwater – for a while it seemed to attract the country/antique crowd, but this is WAY better!

Oh – I’m also going to start joining in on the Friday Phone Dump trend – blogger Kellie Hampton (uh-bsessed with her!) started this and I think it’s a blast!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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