Hoot Hoot!

How ridiculous is Martha on Halloween. Just Google it. You’ll be so weirded out.

Anyways, Halloween is just around the corner, and to continue on with the almost obsessive theme of owls in Bella’s life thus far, we decided that she would make an absolutely adorable and terrifying owl. I’m not even sure why owls are so appealing to me right now, I doubt that she feels overly drawn to the owls that adorn her room and now will adorn her body in a month or two. I think they’re super easy to craft, and therefore, she is unfortunately blessed with all things owl.

Anyways, I’ve been obsessing about her costume for the last few weeks and decided on the following:

Owl Hat – crochet (omg) by me.

Owl Onsie costume – sewn by me

Owl Leggings – attempting to make these (how i have no clue…)

First off, I found a pretty cute pattern for an owl hat on Etsy, and found I’m having a hard time following the pattern. I’m clearly better off purchasing already created crocheted items than I am at making it from scratch, but this is the ONE exception in life where it is fair to dress your kid in something ridiculous you made.

FLASHBACK to 3rd grade.

I was a pumpkin. Oh, and that was also that year there was an EPIC blizzard in Minnesota and Halloween went all Charlie Brown sob story and was cancelled. Except I still went trick-or-treating, in like 3 feet of snow, dressed as a pumpkin. How cute. Oh, but let me just describe how awesome my pumpkin costume was. You remember the fad where people filled lawn and leaf bags that were designed to look like a gigantic pumpkin and left them in their front yards until March. Well yeah, it was one of those bags with two arm holes and two (large) leg holes cut out and then stuffed with cotton batting. I might add that in the 3rd grade I probably weighed about 40 pounds, so the leg holes were obviously too big. Imagine skinny 3rd grade me, wandering around in a blizzard wearing a lawn and leaf bag with batting hanging out the leg holes.


My promise to Bella is that if by October 15th, we don’t have our $hit together with a costume, we hit every big box store in the metro area to find her something so that she does not have to deal with the forever trauma of being dressed in a lawn and leaf bag. HOWEVER, that also means that if I do have my $hit together by October 15th, she gets to wear something I make, which might be just as bad as a lawn and leaf bag, but with countless hours of love put into it.

Alright, back on track…

The pattern on Etsy. $5. Super cute, a little complicated but only because I’m dyslexic when it comes to following directions. Total cost for supplies: $12 (thank you, Michael’s coupon.)

Image Source

The owl costume is definitely doable in my book – I’m much better with tutorials, so this should be a walk in the park. I just need to find a black onsie and some cute brown fabrics. Black onsies seem so baby goth – where do you even get one?! Hot Topic Baby? kidding.

Because Bella can’t really walk – or stand up (well, she tries, and trust me it’s beyond adorable) I’m going to add some leggings, because a) who doesn’t love little fat baby legs in leggings, and b) it’s freaking cold in MN on Halloween (see above: FLASHBACK to 3rd grade). But not just any leggings, BIRD feet leggings. How…? Good question. I found these knit (yeah right, anything that calls for knitting with more than 2 needles makes my head spin) bird feet on Etsy, and while they are adorable, they are also like $40 too much. Sorry person who makes these, they are VERY nice, and I think you deserve more than $40 for making them, because OMGTHATLOOKSHARD. But really, Momma would rather spend $40 on herself. Oops, did I just say that?

So here are the “inspiration legs.” That’s hilarious.

My thoughts are that I will find some cute brownish women’s dress socks and snip a little of the foot off and just sew in a big triple “W” on the foot. If you Google “How to make Baby Leggings” there are a trillion bloggers who have done this using socks, so it’s fine. I can do it. But bird leggings. Yeow!

Any advice would be helpful. But seriously, is this not going to be pretty much the cutest thing ever? The only downfall is that I will have to answer the “How old is he?” question about a million times because she’s not dressed as a typical girl, so everyone just assumes she’s a boy.


I’m also trying to figure out a way to finagle Andy in dressing up as a big tree to go with the whole Owl theme. I’m thinking burlap. He’s really pumped.



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4 Responses to Hoot Hoot!

  1. Caroline says:

    You could make the leggings from sweater sleeves, too. Might be warmer, but would take a little more alteration.

  2. Caroline says:

    Also, it is a great time to love owls. They are starting to be a lot of places, so it is easy to get inspired with fun new ideas!

  3. MOM says:

    Andrew could wear brown pants, brown sweatshirt with fall color leaves or green felt leaves and a brown stocking cap. He has all of this except a few pieces of felt! El cheapo

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