60 days.

Who remembers our old bathroom?  Didn’t it have a lot of, ahem, personality?  Who doesn’t love teal and black plastic tiles (popping off while you shower) and a charming moldy window to gaze out of while you suds up.  I’m sure our neighbors would agree.

Our initial goal was to have the bathroom done before Isabella was born.  I so fondly remember going to the Tile Shop to plan out our attack, and saying to the Tile Guy, “we have 60 days to get this done before I have this baby!”  Bahah.  BAHAHAHA.

We ordered the tile.  We I complained about the cost for the next 60 days.

Went from this

to this

images by http://www.honeybeeandpeony.com Honeybee & Peony, LLC

And still just had tile.

Then, we finally decided that bathtubs, generally speaking, should not contain tiles each morning when you go to shower.

So one morning, we started doing this.

Luckily for my pocket book, Andy is a phenomenal electrician, plumber, and carpenter.  And lucky for us, Bella will, without a doubt, sleep best through sawzall doing its thing right next to her room.

We made significant progress the three days leading up to Bella’s baptism.  Go figure.  Nothing like having 30 people over and NOT having a bathroom.  Motivation.

We have another bathroom.  But it’s in the basement furnace room, and it’s really just a stall shower, and toilet in the middle of a small room.  It’s more of a “welcome to my college house party – hope we don’t get busted!” and less of a “thank you for coming to my daughter’s baptism – would you like some raspberry sorbet punch and calico beans?” kind of bathroom.

The window was switched out for a much smaller peep hole.  It’ll take a lot for the neighbor to see my ta-ta’s now.  😮

In the meantime, Bella enjoyed taking her bath all over the place.

And we did have the bathroom looking decent, albeit, not finished for the party.

Oops.  I get easily distracted.

We’re not done yet.

The Tile Guy must have been laughing in his head when he saw me waddle in demanding this be done in 60 days.  We’re pushing 4 months.  At this rate, I can almost make babies faster than this bathroom is getting tiled.


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