I owe you

I owe you all a pretty substantial before and after post.  However, I also owe the Mister a pretty big shout out for doing ALL of this himself.  I showered in my BATHROOM this morning, and not in the plastic shower in our furnace room illuminated by a single lightbulb.  I am amazed every time I peek in that my husband is so handy and fabulous! Thank you buddy!!!

Here is the before (as in before we bought the house):

AND, here is the bathroom last night.  Excuse the blurry picture – I promise to get better shots once everything is perfect!

My favorite changes are the new window and the pedestal sink.  Showering is such a luxury now!


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2 Responses to I owe you

  1. Chrissy says:

    I want your faucet!!! It looks great!

  2. Alison Chandler says:

    We got it at Home Depot – I think it’s Pegasus or something like that! I LOVE IT!

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