A Coco for my Kiki!

Have you heard of Jess Brown?  I hadn’t until about a year ago when I saw this video (through blurry eyes because I was pregnant and sobbing through the whole thing.)

Kiki and Coco in Paris from 121METRE on Vimeo.

Ever since then, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the idea that one day Bella would be like Kiki running around dragging a little Coco beside her.  Sort of definitely sure she’ll be that little girl.

Imagine my glee when randomly I got an email from The Land of Nod urging me to start my holiday shopping.  Well — this year I’m agreeing to do everything I can to support small businesses and crafters (because hullo, i am one now!) I was a little hesitant to start shopping at the Land of Nod.

BUT THEN – I saw this.  And my heart totally SKIPPED.

Jess Brown designed limited number of her hand-made rag dolls for The Land of Nod.  She named each doll, and there was only one of each made.


Isabella June, anyone?

It was fate.  Sold.

Merry Christmas Isabella, I hope you love her as much as Kiki loves her Coco.


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