Wishlist – 2011

I know that I had vowed to make a concerted effort to buy handmade for Christmas this year, and believe me when I say that this is going very well so far.  But, there are always going to be those special must haves that a girl’s gotta plop onto her wishlist.  So, without further ado — my 2011 Please Can I Get This For Christmas Instead of That Candle You Got Everyone List:

Because I really do love You, Blogs and Coffee.  $25 for a 16×20, perk — handmade.

Might want to go ahead and get me a frame for this bad boy, while you’re at it.

Thymes Moonflower has become my “go-to” scent.  It managed to make it through my pregnancy as the one thing I could stand and can still stand to smell.  The hand cream has a little shimmer to it which helps me feel extra pretty whilst I wash cloth diapers. $30 for set, perk…made right here in Minneapolis by Thymes (love, love, love).  They also make a fabulous baby wash that I just bought for little Miss.  It’s quite possibly my most favorite smell ever.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer is the greatest face cream/foundation/SPF20 cream I have ever tried.  It adds just a touch of tint to even things out, but also has a little bit of a highlighting effect.  At $42 per bottle, this gem is a special treat that I’d love to find tucked in my Christmas sock.

I’m pretty sure this Orla Kiely iPhone case is a reproduction, but for $15 and handmade, I think it’s exactly what I need to sooth my Orla Kiely fetish.

Isn’t this recipe box pretty?  I think it would look so perfect on our butcher block kitchen counters.  And what would be more fun is spending an uninterrupted afternoon with a cup of coffee and my favorite Le Pen collection and organizing all of my favorite recipes in one pretty place.  $46 for cards and box, perk — handmade!!

Okay.  I know I’m a junkie, and the last thing I need is another Isabella accessory, but please, this would be so.much.fun.  I promise to take the girls for long walks every day (in the mall…) and that I will use this for years to come.  $419 (gulp) – perk, it’s lovely and the basket on the bottom would accommodate all of my purchases a diaper bag and a handbag, too.

And last, but not least, a new flatiron.  This Sedu flatiron is something that I would use almost every single day of the year.  You don’t think I wake up looking like this, do you.  Andy can co-sign that statement.  My hair is a hot mess in the mornings.  I think we can all appreciate this investment.  At $159 (plus they always have crazy coupons) I think this is a must, perk – it matches my Sedu pink blowdryer.

So that’s it, guys!  My happy little wishlist for 2011!  My favorite way to organize this all is on my Amazon Wishlist.  Do you have one?  It’s super slick.  You can download a button for your toolbar, so anything you see on the internets that you want, you can click “add to wishlist” and Amazon will add it to your list.  Here’s mine in case you’re wondering what else is fun for Christmas 2011!

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