I’ll take “Organized” for 100 points, please.

Welcome back!  It was certainly a nice long weekend for us!  We were total homebodies, avoiding the Black Holiday craze and getting lots accomplished at home!  I spent the entire day Sunday sewing and taking pictures for Teenie B.  I’m sure it’s not ironic at all that the moment one tries to start anything, the baby and the dog are both in desperate need of something.  Needless to say, I was pretty pumped that I was able to make 11 bibs and burp cloths yesterday.  Whew.

Another task on my to-do list before we get a Christmas tree put up was to organize our DVD collection and free up some highly coveted storage space for a new, but much adored, eye sore.  BABY TOYS.  I love having baby toys in our home, but when they’re not being gummed and drooled on, I’d love them more if they were tucked away.  And DVDs can take up an unnecessarily large amount of space!

Here’s what the situation was.  One pretty decent sized drawer in our living room armoire taken up completely with DVDs.

I couldn’t quite figure out what a great solution would be for this mess, besides donating or selling our stash of movies…which wasn’t really a great option.  So I hit up the Google and found these DVD sleeves on Amazon.com for $2.95 each for a pack of 20.  Not a bad deal considering we have over 100 DVDs to organize and a pretty low budget in which to do so.

Then, in one of my many Home Goods shopping sprees, I found this chunky basket with an attached lid for $9.99.  Luckily, it fit the DVD sleeves almost perfectly and with the lid, provides a sneaky little hideaway for all our movies.

It took a while to go through each DVD and remove the cover art, which for some had to be trimmed down to fit in the sleeve.  The most annoying part of this whole thing were the plastic pieces of DVD sleeve confetti littered all over the living room.  The sleeves are 3-hole punched so you can store them in a binder, but the holes were still sort of connected and fell out every time you grabbed a new one.  Did I mention the confetti was suffering from all sorts of static problems?

But, when all was said and done, I was able to condense an entire drawer of DVDs into this tidy little basket and store it on our bookshelf perfectly out of the way.

I love that it camouflages and condenses the eyesore!  It also frees up that entire drawer for these adorable essentials…

Another 100 points for being organized!


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2 Responses to I’ll take “Organized” for 100 points, please.

  1. Caroline says:

    Doing it.

  2. Leigh says:

    Love, love this! I may have to do the same.

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