PS, where’s the chalk?

Soon after the thrill of a chalkboard fridge wore off, we were faced with a serious dilemma.  Where do we store the chalk?  It made little sense to have the chalk stored away in some cupboard – because the whole point of a whimsical, there-when-you-need-it canvas is to be able to doodle on it randomly.  Can’t do that when you have to stop to remember where the heck the chalk is.  Better yet, when guests stop by and want to graffiti your fridge – they seriously don’t want to have to ask first, “where is the chalk?”

Dilemna solved.  And all for the cost of a pack of 3M picture hanging things.  I raided my stash of cool things, and found this old wooden cheese box.  I believe they were once the box for something like Velveeta Cheese.  Imagine that – a wood box to hold cheese.  How klassy.

Side note: Chalk is (shockingly) very cheap at Ikea.  And fatter.  Not sidewalk chalk fat, but just more substantial than Crayola (sorry, Crapola Crayola!).

This pack of 4 picture hanging strips were $4.99 at Target.  Perhaps cheaper elsewhere…

I followed the directions on the package, sort of.  Wiping wood off with rubbing alcohol seemed weird, so I only did that to the fridge.  Which by the way started to take the chalkboard paint off.  Luckily I covered that spot up in the end.

Basically the whole process involved me sticking one of the tape things on each corner, like so:

Then attaching another strip of tape on top of each piece.  Juuuust like a Velcro sandwich.  Yum.

I peeled the white tape off and stuck the whole thing right onto the fridge.  Immediately I added chalk and the eraser and squealed with delight.

Well, what do you think!?  Feel free to stop by and graffiti all you want.  You know where the chalk is!

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