I’d like to start off by saying that it is much easier to be a blogger when you’re home during daylight hours.  I think we’re starting to come around and days are getting longer, but seriously, it’s dark when I leave and it’s dark when I get home.  Makes for some pretty tricky photo taking situations.  And since I’m all anti-flash, trying to set up a tripod and keep Bella from sucking on my flats while taking a picture is basically impossible.

So here we are, refreshed with the new year and grossed out by the sight of that old Christmas wreath holding on to the neighbors front door (get rid of it already!!!).  I literally have three billion things Pinned and queued up on my to-do list – so hopefully I will remember to grab my camera and document some of my projects.

For now though – here’s what’s been going on at our house:

Before Christmas I went out on a limb and bought this dresser on Craigslist for our bedroom.  I was so sick of the 1) lack of storage with the armoire we have had for years, and 2) black furniture.

I painted it Glidden’s Spicy Banana Pepper on NYE and toasted to fun new colors in our bedroom!

I’m still having a difficult, yet fun, time decorating the top of it — Pinterest isn’t really delivering in that category.  The gallery wall idea is sort of taking off, but I’m not there yet, either.

My parents got this new duvet for us from Garnett Hill for Christmas and I love the pop of color it gives the room.  I was nervous that a transition from our usual white duvet would be too much for Andy, but so far, so good! (Read: no complaints on the bold floralish pattern)

These are the other new additions.  One is a product of hunting season in MN (ye be warned…)

Scored this adorable chair for $5 at an Estate Sale for the granddaughter of James J. Hill.  That was quite the house.  I love the blue color and it’s such a fun addition to my office!

I’m working on rearranging the shelves in my office – it’s hard to pick just a few favorites.  New blue lamp and shade are from Target and the “I heart you, Blogs and Coffee” poster was a sweet Christmas gift from my Mister!

We’re working on finding this guy a home, also.  Pinterst assures me that these are trendy and can  be incorporated into your home without feeling like you’re living in Cabella’s.  For now, the trophy buck is hanging in the living room (gasp!!).

SO that’s kind of where we’re at.  I still have to paint the trim in our bathroom before I can show it off, but maybe that will be a post for another day soon!

Thanks for reading!


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