Our faves – Baby Edition!

Now that I’ve been doing this Mom thang for about 9 months, I think it’s time I share what my must have most favorite baby products have been.  Someday this may be useful to you – I promise!

Tommee Tippee Bottles

I love this bottle for a few reasons – but the number one reason is that it has a minimal amount of “parts.”  We’ve tried other bottles and after forgetting to put in the random bits and pieces in other bottles, and spilling precious breast milk all over the front of Bella because the bottle wasn’t put together right, we jumped for joy when we got these.  For us, at 3am, it was much easier to have all our bottle bits compatible so we could just grab and go!

They are pretty reasonably priced, and I have even found some  buy one get one half off at Babies-R-Us.  We have the larger size (8oz) and the (5oz) but I prefer the larger size, makes more sense to invest in the larger size because eventually she started drinking 5-6 ounces and our smaller bottles weren’t as useful.

I also, just recently discovered that the bottle is interchangable with the sippy handlebars – meaning you need even less variety.  All our bottles can now become sippy cups!  Bonus!  Now if only Bella would use them…

Baby Jogger – City Mini Stroller

This is hands down the EASIEST stroller to use.  It collapses in half with literally one hand and can be stowed away in even the tiniest trunk (trust me) without feeling like you’re one of those people having a “moment” in the mall parking lot.  We tried a Peg Perego stroller before this, and it was wobbly and clumsy.  The City Mini has the three wheels and really allows you to get in and out of crowds without frustration.

We did have to buy the cup holder – it didn’t come with one, and the front “toy bar” but they were relatively inexpensive.  The only thing I don’t like is that the basket underneath isn’t super easy to get into.  But, you can unsnap the straps holding it on and get in that way.

We tried it out at the State Fair (read: Crowds-a-plenty) last summer, and we never felt like we were stuck or in the way.  We got a lot of “ooooooooh that’s the City Mini…” from pregnant mamas — which is great because I’ve got stroller envy too so I was happy to do a little show & tell!

Keekaroo High Chair

We have a super tiny dining room.  You know when people talk about their home towns being a speed bump on the two lane highway?  Yeah, that’s our dining room.  So when we were looking for a high chair for little Miss, we knew it had to be pretty easy to conceal.  I think we both felt like having the huge plastic high chair with the barn yard print might make our heads spinnnnnn in that little nook.

See what I mean — SUPER SMALL!  Don’t judge on the mismatched unpainted chairs.  We’re working on it.  That ONE chair took almost 3 cans of spray paint.  UNREAL.

Anyways, back to the high chair:

I bought ours online at Target (thank you Sister-in-law’s employee discount!) for around $149.  At the time, ours came with the cushion set below in chocolate brown, but there were a ton of fun color options.  In the end, I chose to go with the brown though so it would blend a little better with our furniture, duh.

When we got the chair though – Bella was still too small for just the cushion set, so I did end up buying the infant insert, which we still are using.  So now it looks like this, and yes, I did get pink 🙂

The nice thing about this high chair is that it grows with your baby.  You can adjust the seat to different heights as needed, and eventually, you can ditch the tray altogether and have a nice booster seat to pull right up to your table.  For us, we find that tucking the high chair into the corner keeps it concealed, allows us to walk through our house, and gives us plenty of opportunities to eat dinner with Bella at the table!  She’s starting to really love eating little samples off our plates, which is super cute!

Bum Genius 4.0 One Size All In One Diaper

If you’re thinking at all about cloth diapering. don’t be freaked out!  We went into this whole baby thing thinking that it couldn’t hurt to use cloth diapers.  Sure there was the initial obsession with buying all the colors  investment (around $17-$20/diaper) and figuring out just what diaper we liked best (we tried a few brands – FuzziBuns, Softbums, G-Diaper, and Bum Genius) but in the end, we LOVE this diaper.  We’re casual cloth diaperers (is that a word?) – we have about 20 of the Bum Genius diapers in our stash now, thanks to some great specials you can find online (buy 5 get one free, etc…).

What I love about the Bum Genius diapers is that it’s basically built like a disposable diaper – the only thing different is that you have a small pocket in the diaper that you insert the liner into.  I usually insert all the liners (or Andy does!) as soon as they come out of the drier.  That way we have a drawer full of diapers ready to go!  You put them on baby like a normal diaper – with velcro.  The One Size diaper has three sets of snaps so you can extend the size of the diaper as the baby grows.  We’re still on the middle snap – so we’ve got a lot of life left in these diapers.

The washing of the diapers is really not bad either.    I’m not real finicky about washing them, sometimes they go days without getting washed.  I have an old fashioned washer, not the high efficiency front loaders that all you popular kids have.  And I think, it actually is an advantage for cloth diapering.  I’ve heard the the HE washers don’t use enough water to really clean the diapers well.  Either way – I basically throw the diapers in the wash with some All Free & Clear detergent, wash them on cold and the “super” load, then as soon as that is done, I rewash without detergent on hot, throw them in the drier on normal and we’re done!  I haven’t had any problems with the velcro or anything – so they’re pretty sturdy.

If cloth diapering is not for you – then I recommend Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers.  They’re the diapers we got at the hospital when Bella was born, and they’re very soft and they don’t have Elmo plastered all over them (huge bonus.)  We use the Costco brand butt wipes and we do have a little wipe warmer (from Target) for the little Diva.

Ergo Baby Carrier

A recent investment we made was in the Ergo Baby Performance Carrier and it is THE BEST.  It is easy peasy to get on, very very comfortable, and easy on baby’s hips.  I am a loyal shopper at a local baby shop here in Minneapolis (Pacifier) and usually can get some great deals there, so I got this for $115 and it included the infant insert (which is great for any future babies).   The other thing I love about this carrier is that it fits me, and my 6 foot husband.  I’m a shorty and was thrown by some reviews that wrote the torso was very long.  I disagree – it fits great!

Teenie B Stitches Burp Cloths & Bibs (obviously!)

I wouldn’t leave home without at least two.  And I’m not trying to plug my biz, I’m serious.  We have burp cloths EVERYWHERE.  The other day I was frantically getting ready for work, Andy was feeding Bella in the dark living room, and apparently there were no burp cloths around.  Because I picked up my adorable throw blanket for the couch up off the floor, felt a wet spot on it (thought maybe Ellie had “butt juiced” on it — sorry, inside joke) and gasped.  Only to find out someone had used the throw blanket as an emergency burp cloth.  Yeah, I’m talking about you, Dad.

Needless to say, if you don’t want to be using afghans or shirt sleeves, my burp cloths are a MUST have!  I don’t have anything listed for sale in my Etsy shop currently – I’m out of Chenille and apparently so is every fabric store on the planet…stay tuned!

And last but not least, Yo Gabba Gabba.

Get yourself an iPhone and sign up for Netflix.  Download the Netflix app, and add Yo Gabba Gabba to your queue.  DO IT NOW.  I can’t tell you how many times this has saved us in a pinch.

And seriously, what is it with Yo Gabba Gabba?  It’s literally like Bella Crack.  She LOVES Mr. Long Arms DJ Lance.  Seriously all we do is put it on and the sound of his shoes clicking and the white screen at the beginning makes her CRAZY.

Is this bad?

At this point, I’ll do anything to finish blow drying my hair in the morning.

The other cool thing is that you’ll go through your whole day singing “there’s a party in my tummy — so yummy, so yummy” at your desk.  Mom of the year!

Party in my Tummy

SO there you have it!  Just some tips and recommendations on what we’ve found to work for us. What’s your favorite baby product?  Anything I missed?  We’re still just in the infant phase, so I’d love to hear what your recommendations are for babies 1+ years.



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One Response to Our faves – Baby Edition!

  1. Caroline says:

    I pretty much agree on all of this. BG is the easiest cloth diaper, a really good stroller is worth the investment, Yo Gabba Gabba is the best thing EVER. A carrier like the Ergo (we have the Boba) is essential because it is significantly better for baby’s hips and spine, as well as your back…and sanity. I cannot discourage the Bjorn enough. As for the high chair, the Keekaroo is an inspired choice. We, however, just use booster seats from day one. Either way, what anyone should get is something that works with your decor, takes up minimal space and can be wiped with one swipe.

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