Crusty drapes and pencil skirts.

It’s been a while.

Bella is crawling, well, more like dragging and gimping.  But Sister can cruise.  I just recently lost her in the house, only to find her tucked neatly in between the toilet and sink having a confetti party with a box of tampons.  It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?  Aside from her mobility, she continues to impress us all with her cuteness and her amazing ability to pack her mouth full of whatever is on her little tray.

Her hair is also now growing like a weed, mostly in the area right above her ears.  It’s a little strange looking, and I’m not sure what to tell her when we play “beauty shop” in the mornings.  I finally explained that it’s just in that awkward stage, you know, where you don’t know if you should grow it out or cut if off.

I also noticed that she has been using my chocolate brown dupioni silk drapes to wipe her face off when she’s getting bored in her high chair.  I have a feeling that this is occurring when I am not the parent monitoring her mealtime experience.  I caught her gracefully reaching around her to grab the drape and bring it straight up to her face the other day.  I then noticed there were  a handful of crusty splotches in the same area on the curtain.  Who would allow such a thing?  (PS – I’m looking at you, Dad…)

Teenie B is stocked up on chenille (fabric for all you non-sewers) again after nearly 3 months of being without.  What’s the deal with the chenille shortage?  It’s really perplexing, but I figure if I continue to buy out all online fabric stores and hoard the stockpiles in my already packed to the brim “studio” then all will be well.

I’ve also recently fallen hard for some new style blogs that have inspired me to kick it up a notch when selecting my outfits in the morning.  I can always tell when I am successful because Andy always greets me with a “ooooooooh sass.”  It’s funny, really, how dressing up, even just a little bit more than you normally would, can make you feel like you’re really a celeb at work.  I’ve definitely found myself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to beefing up my wardrobe.  I can’t stop.  It’s addicting, and my penchant for pencil skirts is becoming something of a quick obsession.  My goal is to start documenting my outfits here, but I’m always running so behind in the mornings that snapping a few pictures seems like an unlikely task when little Miss is about two inches from grabbing the flat iron cord or worse, having a confetti party with my generic Target brand Tampons.




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